Pressure Washer Hiring and Operating Guide

Pressure washers are powerful tools widely used for cleaning various surfaces, from residential driveways to commercial buildings. This guide provides an in-depth look at the pressure washers available at Heavy Hire, detailing their applications, operational techniques, and safety measures. Whether you’re cleaning patios, vehicles, or commercial properties, understanding how to effectively use a pressure washer is key to achieving excellent results.

Selecting the Right Pressure Washer

Explore the range of pressure washers in Heavy Hire’s inventory, including electric, petrol, and heavy-duty models, and their specific functionalities.

Learn how to choose the appropriate pressure washer for your project, considering factors like water pressure, flow rate, and the nature of the cleaning task.

Understand the suitability of different pressure washer models for tasks ranging from light residential cleaning to heavy-duty commercial jobs.

Effective Operation of Pressure Washers

Gain insights into the setup and operational procedures for pressure washers, ensuring optimal performance and cleaning efficiency.

Discover advanced techniques for using pressure washers, such as adjusting nozzle types for different cleaning tasks and mastering the art of even cleaning strokes.

Discuss the importance of adjusting operational methods based on the surface being cleaned to avoid damage and achieve the best cleaning results.

Safety Protocols for Pressure Washer Usage

Emphasise the critical safety measures for operating pressure washers, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and adherence to safety guidelines.

Outline essential pre-use safety checks to ensure the pressure washer is in perfect working condition.

Highlight the significance of being aware of your surroundings, particularly when operating pressure washers in populated or confined areas.

Maintenance and Care of Pressure Washers

Provide practical advice on maintaining pressure washers, focusing on proper handling, cleaning after use, and storage.

Offer troubleshooting tips for common issues, enabling users to address minor problems effectively and maintain continuous operation.

Stress the importance of regular maintenance in extending the lifespan of the equipment and 

preserving its efficiency and reliability.

Maximising Cleaning Efficiency with Pressure Washers

Share strategies for effective cleaning planning when using pressure washers, including tips on efficient time management and sequence of operations.

Highlight the role of the right pressure washer in enhancing cleaning outcomes, focusing on how they contribute to project speed, thoroughness, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Discuss environmental considerations and best practices for minimising water usage and chemical impact during cleaning operations.

This guide is designed to be a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to effectively utilise pressure washers in their cleaning projects. With the right knowledge and approach, you can ensure that your cleaning tasks are conducted safely, efficiently, and with the highest level of quality.

Questions and answers

When hiring a machine on dry hire it will not include an operator to operate the machine. This rental option is cheaper than wet hire as you don’t need to pay for the operators labour. At Heavy Hire we don’t stock equipment that are challenging to operate, and all our machines can be operated by anyone who knows how to drive a car. Speak to us if you need an operator and we can put you in touch with our network of professional drivers.

When your mini-digger is collected or delivered the Auckland team member will  provide basic instruction on how to operate that particular make and model. However, we advise our customers that they need to test it out to see that they are comfortable driving it, or arrange for a test drive at one of our two locations.

When you make a booking with one of our North-Shore based Heavy Hire team members, they will arrange a pickup date and time or delivery date and time with you. A refundable deposit equal to the day hire rate is required before then or at pickup. We’ll provide you with insurance and terms for hire, and will need a copy of your drivers license to submit to our insurance provider. We require the digger to be returned to us/collected by us in the same working order as you received it, which means that it needs to be refueled and any clay and dirt would need to be washed off. Arrange for a dropoff time before 6:30 pm.

Yes we do. Although this is not part of our core service offering, we always aim to help our customers get the job done, and sometimes that means dropping off the digger on site. Speak to one of our team for a quote (calculated on distance of dropoff location) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes. You will receive the machine with a full tank of diesel and in a clean working order. Please refuel the digger at the end of hire. The digger must be cleaned and returned in the condition it arrived in. A charge will apply to all cleaning and refueling required.

Please notify us as soon as possible so we can arrange for a mechanic to assist you. In the event of a vehicle roll over please make sure you place your and others safety first. For injuries, turn the engine off and call 111. Phone us as soon as possible and report the incident.

Our day hire pricing is set to be better than the competition and provided with a superior service and better quality of machine. We also provide a 10% long-term hire (5 or more days). Speak to us about our loyalty program and equipment bundle discounts.